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US Enemy Combatant High Value (HVD) & Terrorist Detention Centers


“Black Jail”
Afghan National Detention Center
Bagram Detention Center
Balad Detention Center
Kabul Juvenile Detention Center
Parwan Detention Center


Guantanamo Bay Prison


Abu Ghraib Prison
Camp Bucca Detention Center
Camp Cropper
Camp Nana
Camp Taji

High-Value Detainee Enemy Combatant Searches

United States (US) Enemy Combatants – High Value Detainees (HVDs)

In the war on Islamic terror, the US Department of Defense on behalf of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has confined such terrorist inmates indefinitely for their parts in terror against the USA. The main confinement facility is in Cuba; ten others are in Afghanistan and Iraq. To locate an inmate in a federal prison scroll up (or click here) to the available US Enemy Combatant High Value (HVD) prisons, click on the desired facility and find the inmate search link if available on the facility’s page.

Confinement of these extrajudicial USA enemy inmates is outside the legal process of American constitutional law. Some of them seem to be from the senior ranks of terrorist organizations and therefor “high-value detainees” (HVDs) in US military terminology for the tactical intelligence information potentially available from them. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has described the HVDs at the Cuban facility as “the worst of the worst” Islamic terrorists.

Shortly after the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan, the Bush administration announced a policy not to treat captured enemy combatants as prisoners of war (POWs) under the Geneva Conventions, which, the government explained, applies to only armed forces of internationally recognized states, and, as terrorist organizations are not legitimate governments, their combatants do not qualify for POW treatment.


Imprisonment Laws in HVD Confinement Facilities

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Rasul v Bush, 542 US 466, 124 SCt 2686 (2004), that HVDs have rights to writs of habeas corpus from to challenge their detentions. Congress then passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which, as amended in 2009, provides that
“No court, justice, or judge shall have jurisdiction to hear or consider an application for a writ of habeas corpus filed by or on behalf of an alien detained by the United States who has been determined by the United States to have been properly detained as an enemy combatant or is awaiting such determination.”
United States Code Title 28 Section 2241(e)(1)


Inmate Rights in HVD Confinement Facilities

The March 2005 Joint Doctrine for Detainee Operations (Joint Doctrine) is the authoritative statement of HVD rights to conditions required for their confinement. As to their classification for detention purposes, the Joint Doctrine states that they are not entitled to the privileges and protections of the Geneva Conventions but still must be treated humanely and without any adverse distinction by race, color, religion, gender, or birth and afforded adequate food, drinking water, shelter, clothing, and medical treatment, and allowed the free exercise of religion.

Detention facility operating procedures must make allowances for HVD habits and customs and in no case be prejudicial to their health. HVD housing units must not be unhealthy in either total surface or cubic space, must protect occupants from harmful environmental exposure, must be lighted and heated adequately, and must have adequate safeguards for fire protection.

When feasible, HVDs must have three meals daily. Food rations must suffice to keep them in good health and to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Commanders must take of habitual dietary and religious or cultural requirements into account. Sufficient drinking water must be available at all times. There must be suitable clothing for the climate and a clothing replacement program.


Commissary in HVD Confinement Facilities

The Joint Doctrine notes that, “In past conflicts, canteens were often established in mature internment facilities where detainees could purchase sundry items through expenditure of pay accrued during their detention. Such procedure is rarely feasible in the context of the modern operational environment although if feasible should be considered.”


Prisoners visitation policies & rules in HVD Confinement Facilities

The Joint Doctrine expressly authorizes commanders to establish family visitation programs whenever feasible and not inconsistent with military requirements.


Paroles – Bails

There is no provision for HVD parole. There is no provision for HVD bail.


Inmate Services in US Military Jails, Brigs

HVDs receive a full medical history and physical exam at the time of admission. The facility creates medical records for all HVDs and copies accompany them when they transfer to other facilities. Patient services include bi-weekly diabetic clinics, dental, medical, and wound care, physical therapy, optometry, orthopedics, surgery, prosthesis clinics, and mental health treatment. There are daily sick calls, monthly health assessments, intensive care units, operating rooms, and full laboratories.


Prisoners Search / Prisoners Locator Links

Finding information about a facility or finding an inmate can be daunting and frustrating. The Inmate Searcher website has links to all HVD confinement facilities with all available public information for user assistance and convenience in a federal inmate search. Scroll down to find all of the available HVD confinement facilities, click on a facility to find information and Inmate Locator links, if available.



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