US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE): Search Inmates and Facilities


Immigration Law Enforcement

United States (US) Immigration & Customs Enforcement

An agency of the US Department of Homeland Security, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office is second only to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as the largest law enforcement organization in the USA. ICE investigates aliens in US territory illegally, employers who hire illegal aliens, and smugglers of contraband.


ICE identifies, finds, arrests, and deports illegal aliens to their home countries. There are 82 ICE detention centers, some operated by private security companies. Major campaigns to arrest illegal aliens sometimes have code names similar to those of military operations, Operation Return to Sender, for example. You can scroll down to see the full list of US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities to search inmates, ordered by State.

In the process of detention and removal ICE assigns to detained aliens unique identifying alien registration numbers (A-numbers) and confines them in county, state, federal, or private prisons to remain until deported or released. ICE operates eight detention or “service processing” centers and contracts with private companies that run the others. Juvenile detention centers and shelters and state and local jails also detain immigrants under ICE contracts.


Immigration Laws

United States Code Title 8 Section 1226(a) (8 US Code 1226(a)) provides that “an alien may be arrested and detained pending a decision on whether the alien is to be removed from the United States.” For criminal aliens, Section 1226(c) not only authorizes detention but makes it mandatory.

Immigration detainees may be released on bond pending removal hearing outcomes if not deemed national security threats. Those with criminal records, however, usually face mandatory detention. If already in the USA, they will be in mandatory detention if charged with crimes of “moral turpitude,” “aggravated felonies,” a firearms offense, or Controlled Substance Act violations.

Deportation takes place after removal proceedings issue warrants of removal or ICE reinstates prior orders of removal. The Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review conducts removal proceedings.

In February 2015, a federal district court enjoined the government from proceeding on an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy announced in June 2012 to enable illegal aliens who entered the USA as children to request work authorization and deferred action on removal/deportation for two years. Deferred action does not grant permanent lawful status. The injunction does not affect the existing 2012 DACA initiative, which remains open to anyone who meets the guidelines for consideration.


Detainee Rights in (US) Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Detainees have a right to a hearing before an immigration judge on whether they are eligible to stay in the USA. If not, many are nevertheless eligible for a “voluntary departure,” 8 US Code 1229(c), which does not bar return to the USA without permission as does a deportation order.

Detainees have the right to attorney assistance and representation, though not at government expense. Many immigrants have the right to be released on bond and can request bond from the immigration court even before their scheduled initial hearings.


Commissary for (US) Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

ICE and contractor detention facilities offer detainees the opportunity to purchase food and other items through their commissaries. Commissary patronage is a privilege, not a right, and can be denied for disciplinary purposes.


Visitation – Inmates visitation policies and rules in Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Visitation conditions and regulations may vary by venue, whether management is by ICE, a state or local government, or an ICE contractor. Scroll down and navigate to your desired facility, you will find there contact information like telephone numbers to call and ask for more information, rules or visitation policy of the facility. For ICE facilities the schedule and guidelines of the Atlanta City Detention Center seem to be fairly representative:

Friends and family visits are on Wednesdays and Sundays from 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM. For adequate time to process through security, visitors should arrive 45 minutes before their scheduled visit times with valid government-issued identification. Visits must not exceed 20 minutes.

Attorneys representing detainees may visit their clients at any time seven days per week, 24 hours per day. Consular officials may meet with their detained nationals at any time. Prior arrangements with the ICE supervisory deportation officer are helpful, and consular officials should bring appropriate credentials to the facility. Clergy may visit any time but must make prior arrangements with the Chaplain’s Office.



Every detainee is entitled to a bond hearing to determine reasonable conditions for release. At the hearing, the immigration judge may find the detainee subject to mandatory detention or eligible for release on a bond sufficient to assure reappearance as required and compliance with whatever order the judge sees fit. The detainee recovers the money by punctual appearances until disposition of the case or forfeits it by flight or failure to comply.


Detainee Services in Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

The ICE Health Service Corps provides medical care and public health services to approximately 15,000 detainees at 21 designated facilities around the country. For many detainees the care they receive in ICE custody is their first professional medical attention. It is common for detainee health screenings to identify health conditions previously undiagnosed.

Through an aggressive inspections program, ICE detention facilities follow national standards for safe, secure, and humane confinement conditions. The performance-based standards establish consistent program operations and managerial expectations, accountability for compliance, and a culture of professionalism.


Inmate Search / Inmate Locator Links

To find inmates you can visit the ICE Online Detainee locator system for detained aliens, which has a drop-down list of no fewer than nine languages for selection at the top of the page. Inmate locator users do well to know the detainee’s A-number. The alternate search method by biographical information is less reliable and takes more time and data to execute. Users without A-numbers should be aware that misspellings of biographical data are not unusual in the ICE locator system. If you have trouble searching for an inmate you can see below the US Immigration (ICE) facilities. Navigate to a facility to find the available inmate search link.


Immigration & Customs Enforcement inmate locator

US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Centers and Detainee Locators

Here you will find all the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities. Click on a facility to find useful information and all of the available inmate locator links for each facility. You can  search for inmates by clicking on the links. The facilities are sorted by State.


Birmingham Detention Facility
Etowah County Detention Facility


Anchorage Detention Facility


Eloy Detention Center
Florence Detention Center
Phoenix DRO Detention Facility
Phoenix ICE – DRO Field Office
Pinal County Adult Detention Center
Tucson Detention Facility
Yuma Detention Facility


Little Rock/Ft.Smith Detention Fac


Bakersfield Detention Facility
El Centro Service Processing Center
Imperial Detention Facility
LA Detention Fac – Long Beach
LA Detention Fac – Santa Ana
LA Detention Fac-Laguna Niguel
Los Angeles ICE – Field Office
Mira Loma Detention Center
Otay Detention Facility
San Bernardino Detention Facility
San Diego Detention Facility
San Diego ICE – Field Office
San Francisco ICE – Field Office
Ventura Detention Fac-Camarillo
Ventura Detention Fac-Lompoc


Aurora Contract Detention Facility
Denver Field Office
Grand Junction Detention Facility
Loveland Detention Facility
Pueblo Detention Facility


Hartford Detention Facility


Dover Detention Facility


Broward Transitional Center
Ft. Myers Detention Facility
Glades County Detention Facility
Jacksonville Detention Facility
Krome Service Processing Center
Miami Detention Facility
Miami ICE – Field Office
Orlando Detention Fac-Southland
Orlando Detention Fac-Tradeport
Stuart Detention Facility
Tallahassee Detention Facility
Tampa Detention Facility-Cypress
Tampa Detention Facility-Zack


Atlanta ICE – Field Office
Savannah Detention Center
Stewart Detention Center


Agana Detention Facility


Boise Detention Facility
Twin Falls Detention Facility


Broadview Detention Facility
Chicago ICE – Field Office
Rock Island Detention Facility


Indianapolis Detention Facility


Cedar Rapids Detention Facility
Des Moines Detention Facility
Sioux City Detention Facility


Wichita Detention Facility


Louisville Detention Facility


LaSalle Detention Facility
New Orleans ICE – Field Office
Oakdale Detention Facility


Baltimore ICE – Field Office
Eastern Shore Detention Facility


Boston ICE – Field Office


Detroit Detention Facility
Detroit Detention Facility – Elliot
Detroit ICE – Field Office
Grand Rapids Detention Facility


Bloomington Detention Facility
St. Paul ICE – Field Office


Gulfport Detention Facility
Jackson Detention Facility


Kansas City Detention Facility
Springfield Detention Facility
St. Louis Detention Facility


Helena Detention Facility


Grand Island Detention Facility
North Platte Detention Facility
Omaha Detention Facility


Las Vegas Detention Facility
Reno Detention Facility

New Hampshire

Manchester Detention Facility

New Jersey

Elizabeth Detention Facility
Marlton Detention Facility-Lincoln
Marlton Detention Fac-Lippincott
Newark ICE – Field Office

New Mexico

Albuquerque Detention Facility
Otero County Processing Center

New York

Albany Detention Fac – Latham
Albany Detention Facility
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
Buffalo ICE – Field Office
Castle Point Detention Facility
East Meadow Detention Facility
Elmhurst Detention Facility
New York City Detention Facility
New York City ICE – Field Office
Varick Federal Detention Facility

North Carolina

Alamance County Detention Center
Charlotte Detention Center
Hendersonville Detention Facility
Raleigh / Cary Detention Center
Raleigh Detention Fac – Fayetteville
Raleigh Detention Facility – Salisbury

North Dakota

Grand Forks Detention Facility


Cleveland Detention Facility
Columbus Detention Fac-Hamilton
Columbus Detention Facility


Oklahoma City Detention Facility
Tulsa Detention Facility


Eugene Detention Facility
Medford Detention Facility
Portland Detention Facility


Allentown Detention Facility
Allenwood Detention Facility
Berks Detention Facility
Lords Valley Detention Facility
Philidelphia ICE – Field Office
Pittsburgh Detention Facility
York Detention Facility

Puerto Rico

Aguadilla Service Processing Center
San Juan Detention Facility

Rhode Island

Providence Detention Facility

South Carolina

Charleston Detention Facility

South Dakota

Rapid City Detention Facility
Sioux Falls Detention Facility


Memphis Detention Facility
Nashville Detention Facility


Amarillo Detention Facility
Austin Detention Facility
Big Spring Detention Facility
Conroe Detention Facility
Dallas ICE – Field Office
Del Rio Detention Facility
Eden Detention Facility
El Paso ICE-Field Office-Boeing
El Paso ICE-Field Office-Hawkins
El Paso Processing Center
El Paso Service Processing Center
Harlingen Detention Facility – Zoy
Houston CDF – Greens Road
Houston CDF – Northpoint Drive
Houston Contract Detention Facility
Houston ICE – Field Office
Huntsville Detention Facility
Hutto Detention Facility
ICE Compliance Enforcement
Laredo Contract Detention Facility
Livingston Detention Facility
Lubbock Detention Facility
Pecos Detention Facility
Port Isabel Detention Center
San Antonio ICE – Field Office
South Texas Detention Facility
Waco Detention Facility
Willacy Detention Center


Ogden Detention Facility
Provo Detention Facility
Salt Lake City ICE – Field Office
St. Geoge Detention Facility


St. Albans Detention Facility

Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands Detention Facility


Harrisonburg Detention Facility
Richmond Detention Facility
Roanoke Detention Facility
Washington DC ICE – Field Office


Seattle ICE – Field Office
Tacoma Contract Detention Facility
Yakima Detention Facility


Milwaukee Detention Facility


Cheyenne Detention Faclity


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